The Sir Belly Warranty


J. Aaron LLC (DBA Sir Belly Barnsworth) warrants our products for 1 year.

All of our products are made by craftsmen with years of experience using the highest quality products and tools available. They are designed for a lifetime of use and we are very proud of them. We are required to outline the limitations of our warranty but we strive to never have to refer to them.

Exclusions to this warranty:

Natural Movement

Solid wood products are not like laminated surfaces and will change when the climate or environment around them change. Typical things to expect from a solid top are expansion/contraction, joint texture (you’ll be able to feel the glue joints at times) and wood checks.


Checking is when fine cracks appear in the top surface or on the board ends. It is a natural part of wood and will occur at some point in the life of all solid wood surfaces, not just ours. It occurs in the boards themselves, not the glue joints. Most of the time this happens in the winter months due to dry air and will simply go away in the warmer months. They are not structural and will never become too large or cause the top to crack in half. This natural aspect of wood is not covered in our warranty but can be easily repaired/filled using a wax crayon


If a top has to be replaced we will provide the product and cover all S&H charges. J. Aaron LLC (DBA Sir Belly Barnsworth) is not responsible for labor or installation charges, or any other expenses associated with the replacement.

Other Exclusions

  • This warranty does not cover products installed in any outdoor application.
  • This warranty does not cover improper use or abuse. Improper use or abuse includes, but is not limited to, damage from mishandling, damage from excessive heat or uneven exposure to weather conditions, physical or chemical abuse and damage from improper care and maintenance.
  • This warranty does not cover scratches.
  • This warranty does not cover any chemical damage.
  • This warranty does not cover any failures due to inadequate support for the installation.
  • This warranty does not cover the altering of any factory applied finish.
  • This warranty does not cover products that have not been paid in full.
  • This warranty is not transferable.
  • This warranty does not cover product installed with known or visible manufacturing defects at time of installation, including but not limited to color variance or flatness deviation beyond reasonable expectations.