Terms Of Sale


All sales require payment in full at the time of order. We do this to streamline the order to ship process eliminating delays while we wait for payment. We accept all major credit cards so you’re protected.

NOTE: Payments made via check will receive a 3% discount.


Prices are subject to change without notice.
Custom project quotes are good for 30 days.

Change Orders

Orders may not be changed in any way once production has begun. If changes are absolutely necessary they can be made at an additional expense.


Because we are a make it as it’s ordered company all sales are final.


Sir Belly has a 1 year warranty on all tops. What’s covered in this warranty you may ask.

  • Extreme cupping. Some cupping can happen but if you can lay something flat on the table and there’s 3/8″ or more cupping we’ll replace it.
  • The finish. We can’t offer a warranty against damage to the finish, though it’s very hard, we will stand behind it and say it will not chip, flake off or be affected by typical liquids like water, wine, beer, etc. It’s the best finish in the industry and will hold up for many years without worry.
  • The glue joints. We’ve worked with glue manufacturers to produce a world class glue and we guarantee there will be no joint separation. You may be able to feel the joints during certain times of the year but that’s a natural wood thing and not separation.

What’s not covered you may also be wandering.

  • Checks. Small cracks that can form in the ends of the boards. These are not on the glue joint and will never become a structural issue. They naturally appear from time to time and can easily be filled with a wax crayon.


All shipments are FOB Origin Prepaid. Once the shipment is received by the freight company the product becomes the sole property of the customer who takes full risk for all loss or damage incurred during transportation. All claims of damage or loss must be made by the customer against the freight company. J. Aaron LLC (DBA Sir Belly Barnsworth) is not responsible for any damage, visible or not.

J. Aaron LLC (DBA Sir Belly Barnsworth) will quote the S&H prior to the order being placed. This is based on delivery to a commercial address with a dock high. This is only an estimate. The costs may exceed the estimate resulting in a higher cost to the buyer. J. Aaron LLC (DBA Sir Belly Barnsworth) is not  responsible for these added fees.