Receiving An Order

Oh my God, oh my God it’s here!

Picked Up Orders

If you’d like to pick up your order please bring moving blankets. The tops are not packaged and should be protected while in transit.


Shipped Orders

When your order is ready to ship we’ll contact you for final payment and to confirm the ship to address. Once the shipment is picked up from our location you’ll be sent a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your package.

All orders are shipped FOB Origin, Freight Prepaid. This simply means that the shipment is pre-paid and that the purchaser owns the product as soon as it is loaded into the common carrier’s trailer at our location. If there is damage or loss during the voyage the purchaser is responsible for making all insurance claims. Yes, all shipments are carefully crated and fully insured.

Getting Ready To Receive Your Order

Your order will most likely come via a semi truck. They will not unload the shipment for you so you’ll need a forklift or extra man power available.

Lift gates can be added to any shipment. With a lift gate the freight company will offload the shipment but will not take it further than the street or parking lot. Basically they’ll get it off the truck but no more. Once it’s on the ground you can un-crate the shipment and move the tops in by hand if needed.

Inspect Your Order!

All shipped orders are fully crated and protected against damage. It is important to inspect your order prior to signing for it. If damage to the crate or the tops themselves is present make a clear note of it on the delivery ticket. If no note is made the freight company considers the shipment complete with no damage.