Dark stained oak restaurant table top
Sir Belly Restaurant Table Top Crest

Our Story

A story of friendship with a slightly chunky guy in the restaurant business.

Sir Belly Barnsworth is the commercial side of J. Aaron LLC, a custom countertop company started in 2001. J. Aaron is still around making the finest residential wood countertops available for clients all over the USA. From time to time a customer would ask for restaurant table tops. In fact, if you’ve been to a Whole Foods you’ve seen J. Aaron’s work throughout their stores displaying their merchandise. Restaurant table tops were a natural addition to the wood countertops but needed a separate identity. So Sir Belly Barnsworth was born.

Why Sir Belly Barnsworth?

Sir Belly Barnsworth comes from the nick name of a good friend. He’s a very successful restaurateur and really dedicated to the professional tasting part of his work. Hence the Belly in the name. It’s meant to make people smile and hopefully think of our table tops when the time comes to buy.