Surfaces you can count on for years of heavy use

Our family counts on you, the customer to provide us with money to feed the kids, enjoy a round or two of golf and offer a quality life style to our employees. We NEED you to tell all your restaurateur buddies who to call for their table tops. I, Joshua Johnson (owner & President), guarantee the tops my company makes will be excellent quality and to the correct specifications or we’ll drop everything to make it right.

High tech alongside skilled craftsmen.

We’re not just a bunch of folks in a shop somewhere cutting, gluing and sanding wood. Well, we are, but we use the most sophisticated equipment and materials available to produce a superior product, extremely accurate results and at a good price point.

What about price?

Don’t be fooled into thinking price is everything. If you have a successful restaurant the last thing you want is a major problem with your table tops or bar top. It can shut you down and/or cost more than the original tops to re-finish. It’s a major part of your companies image and long term success so do it right the first time. Restaurants need quality table tops with durable finishes delivered on time at a good price. It’s that simple and what Sir Belly provides.